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Tired of Dependency Injection bloated constructors?

Dependency Injection is an undisputable necessity when writing testable code. It’s also a great way of forcing you to Program to Interfaces, rather than concrete class implementations. However, when the solution gets bigger, the dependency graph grows with it. And… Continue Reading →

Generate a password with a set of allowed characters

Today, I came across a situation where I had to generate a password using only a limited set of allowed characters. Since I didn’t really want to reinvent the wheel, I resorted to the System.Web.Security.Membership class which exposes a GeneratePassword… Continue Reading →

AWS Solutions Architect – PaaS course for the creative brain?

New Year is, if not for many, a moment for me to reflect on the past year, and to project who you want to be in the next year. Of course there’s many things to improve in ones life, however… Continue Reading →

How to program a Digispark ATTiny85 using the Arduino IDE

Unlike the Arduino boards, the Digispark ATTiny85 development board isn’t as plug-and-play as you’d hope. Read on to get you started in no time! Download and install software First, we need to get our environment set up for development. Go… Continue Reading →

Create a fun Number Roulette with an Arduino Uno

In this sample we are going to create a simple and fun number roulette using 4 seven segment displays and an Arduino Uno! — Code available on GitHub. Seven Segment Display A “seven segment display” is named this way simply because… Continue Reading →

Want to Connect your IoT device with no intermediate party costs? Here’s how!

Having devices connected to the internet is a really cool thing. But most of the time, this comes with a cost for an intermediate party that queries and delivers device status information. I was about to write an article for… Continue Reading →

Arduino Starter Kit Giveaway!

For those amongst you who would like to try out the samples on this blog, but don’t have an Arduino.. We’re giving away Arduino Starter Kits worth a million gazillion for free!   Free? Yes, free! All you need to… Continue Reading →

Read Arduino sensor data from a Raspberry Pi Using I2C and Windows 10 IoT

Introduction Because there is currently no way to autodiscover an Arduino as an USB peripheral from a Raspberry Pi running Windows 10, I have to resort to I²C communication to get messages from and to the Arduino. I will use a… Continue Reading →

Autodiscover an Arduino from a Windows IoT application

In a previous post, I elaborated on how you can connect your Arduino to your development machine and write a simple Windows Universal application to control a relay. Now, because we don’t want to check our device manager for the correct USB address every… Continue Reading →

Deploy Windows IoT for Arduino control and write a simple PoC

In this post I’ll elaborate on a proof of concept for the Automated Greenhouse. This was also the perfect time to test Windows IoT for controlling the Arduino. The setup You’ll need a development machine supporting Visual Studio 2015, an Arduino, a… Continue Reading →