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Autodiscover an Arduino from a Windows IoT application

In a previous post, I elaborated on how you can connect your Arduino to your development machine and write a simple Windows Universal application to control a relay. Now, because we don’t want to check our device manager for the correct USB address every… Continue Reading →

Deploy Windows IoT for Arduino control and write a simple PoC

In this post I’ll elaborate on a proof of concept for the Automated Greenhouse. This was also the perfect time to test Windows IoT for controlling the Arduino. The setup You’ll need a development machine supporting Visual Studio 2015, an Arduino, a… Continue Reading →

Building wooden raised plant beds

Because the greenhouse is so tiny (2m x 2m), I wanted to use the space in an efficient way, without compromising a peaceful feeling when stepping into it. As some plants grow a lot higher (tomatos), than other (carrots), the beds needed to… Continue Reading →

Building an automated greenhouse

We have a small space of roughly 2m x 2m aside our garden shed that’s served no purpose in the past 3 years. With spring kicking in, I might as well start using it to grow some vegetables and join… Continue Reading →