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Building an automated greenhouse

We have a small space of roughly 2m x 2m aside our garden shed that’s served no purpose in the past 3 years. With spring kicking in, I might as well start using it to grow some vegetables and join in on the edible garden life.

The shed. I already started when taking this picture.

The shed. I already began construction of the raised beds.

Because we tend to forget small details such as watering the plants, which is said to be crucial for them to actually grow, I thought I might as well geek things up a bit and automate the watering.

At the back of the shed, there’s a large water container that’s filled with the water coming from the shed’s roof. To get it to the plants, I’ll be using a simple water pump. Pipes and valves will get the water to those needy plants when required. A Raspberry Pi 2 and an Arduino Uno will do the measuring and controlling of the irrigation system.

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