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AWS Solutions Architect – PaaS course for the creative brain?

New Year is, if not for many, a moment for me to reflect on the past year, and to project who you want to be in the next year. Of course there’s many things to improve in ones life, however one of the things I’ve been missing out on the most, is having the time to be. more. creative. I’ll let the publish date of my last blog post be the clear evidence of that.

Yesterday morning, while commuting to work, I read some inspirational infographics on Pinterest to set me in the right mood. One picture particularly caught my attention and actually really nailed it.

40 ways to stay creative“. For me, the contents don’t really say “Do this and you’ll be creative”. No, the way I see it, is that they all add up to a healthy, peaceful, social and joyful lifestyle, which in turn fuels the creative brain.

So, my New Year’s resolution is to trigger my senses more, broaden my knowledge and taste more of life’s offerings!

Knowledge is power

Not only is knowledge power in the evil sense of it – as many of you might be thinking right now. It also allows one to have a bigger toolset available to solve all sorts of problems in a creative manner. So, if I am going to go down the creativity lane, I don’t want to be restricted or slowed down by my (lack of) tools. I want to be able to let the ideas flow while also seeing practical uses for those ideas, or even creating some simple proof of concepts.

Being a part of The New Network

Inspired by a talk of Peter Hinssen and reading the book (partially, I’d have to admit), I believe that great ideas become great products when they allow people to connect. Connect with something, someone, somewhere. That doesn’t mean that any IoT device is a great addition to the human race.. So if I was to let the brainstorming loose, I’d like to focus on something that allows people to connect with something, someone, somewhere.

Amazon vs. Azure

When you think connectivity, IoT, or network, you think either Amazon, or Azure. These two mastodonts are investing big time in facilitating the network to developers. Being a Microsoft .Net developer, I find myself – probably like many .Net developers – trapped inside the Microsoft eco-system. Because their services are so nicely integrated with eachother, I find it difficult to leave the bird’s nest and take a leap of faith into a different technology stack.

But later that day, while scrolling through my updates, one of my connections had shared a link to an AWS course. And it’s currently on a New Year’s discount of 94%!! What are the odds, right?! Thrilled to learn new things, I no-brained my way to PayPal and booked myself a seat in the online training to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect!

I’m excited to see whether taking this course will refresh my creativity, and allow me to do some rocket science. At least that’s what non-developers think we do. Yes?

Programmers are magicians


Have you recently followed any courses that really gave you a boost? Share them in the comments section below, and I’ll check them out. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Padmore says:

    Not a course, but an extremely motivational speech I just recently saw that’s sure to give you a boost:

    From The Hip Hop Preacher, haha

    Stay hungry!

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