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Want to Connect your IoT device with no intermediate party costs? Here’s how!

Having devices connected to the internet is a really cool thing. But most of the time, this comes with a cost for an intermediate party that queries and delivers device status information. I was about to write an article for… Continue Reading →

Read Arduino sensor data from a Raspberry Pi Using I2C and Windows 10 IoT

Introduction Because there is currently no way to autodiscoverĀ an Arduino as an USB peripheral from a Raspberry Pi running Windows 10, I have to resort to IĀ²C communication to get messages from and to the Arduino. I will use a… Continue Reading →

Building an automated greenhouse

We have a small space of roughly 2m x 2m aside our garden shed that’s served no purpose in the past 3 years. With spring kicking in, I might as well start using it to grow some vegetables and join… Continue Reading →